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102105 | GERMANY. Dresden. Int'l Health Expo uniface bronze Plaque.

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    102105  |  GERMANY. Dresden uniface bronze Plaque. Issued 1911. Commemorating the International Health Exposition, held in Dresden from May–October 1911 (66x113mm). By P. Pöppelmann at the Glaser & Sohn Workshop in Dresden.


    KEIN REICHTUM / GLEICHT DIR O / GESUNDHEIT ("no wealth equals you, o health"), nude male standing facing, head right, with hand on hip; tree in background to left; to right, nude female seated left on base, head facing, suckling an infant held in arms; in three lines in exergue, INTERNATIONALE / HYGIENE–AUSSTELLUNG / DRESDEN 1911. Edge: Plain.


    Brettauer –; Storer 4800b. Choice Mint State. Olive-bronze surfaces, with an enticing matte nature; some minor marks are noted near the top part of the obverse. Includes original box of issue.


    Organized by Karl August Lingner, a German philanthropist and businessman, the International Health Exposition in 1911 was an expansion upon a similar, more local event which Lingner had overseen in 1903. Meant to inform and educate the public about advancements in health, the expo prominently featured visual representations of the human body, whereby transparent organs were displayed for the first time—anatomist Werner Spalteholz having derived a means of 'drenching' human tissue with liquids which possessed similar light refracting properties, thus allowing one to see within both skin and tissue.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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