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102134 | GERMANY. Murder of U-41 cast iron Medal.

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    102134  |  GERMANY, GREAT BRITAIN & UNITED STATES. Murder of U-41 cast iron Medal. Dated 1915. "Mord auf 'U' 41"—on the incidents connected with the sinking of the U-boat 41 (57mm, 46.36 g, 12h). By K. Goetz in München.


    ALBIONs EHREN—FLAGGE (commemorative flag of Albion), defiant fist emerging from the sea; above, four-part flag with Union Jack and U-4-1 for the U-41 that was sunk by the HMS Baralong / The Baralong left, with sailors lowering inverted American flag (distressed, neutral, and false) to be replaced with Union Jack (hostile and true), with cannons pointed toward drowning German. Edge: Some filing marks as made.


    Kienast 163; Klose –; Art of Devastation –. Choice Mint State. Deep charcoal-gray surfaces.


    Ex Leigh Park Collection.


    The second of two Baralong incidents, involving the Royal Navy decoy vessel HMS Baralong, saw the aforementioned ship presenting as a neutral and distressed vessel, which lured a German U-boat to the surface. Upon the surfacing of the latter, it was fired upon with the hidden gunnery of the former, thus sinking her. The Baralong was even alleged to have run down the lifeboat in which some of the German survivors took refuge, causing the incident to be described as a British war crime. Here, Goetz, shows the Baralong's crew firing upon a German survivor, with Britain herself referred to by the ancient name of Albion, seemingly to disassociate the belligerent nation from any sense of modernity.


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