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102137 | GERMANY. Wooing of the Balkan Kings cast iron Medal.

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    102137  |  GERMANY & EUROPE. Wooing of the Balkan Kings cast iron Medal. Dated 1915. "Bittgang am Balkan"—on the appealing to the Balkan nations to join the war on the side of the Entente (57mm, 53.02 g, 12h). By K. Goetz in München.


    DER BITTGANG AM BALKAN, the allies in supplication of the "Balkan" nations: Poincare (of France), soldier in kilt (of Great Britain [Scotland]), Vittorio Emanuele III (of Italy), and Nikolai II (of Russia) all pleading left / The leaders of the "Balkan" nations: heads of Kings Ferdinand (of Romania), Constantine (of Greece) and Ferdinand (of Bulgaria) in oval medallions; below, cornucopia (in the form of the British lion) vomiting coins and hand of Russia adding to them; all behind cage with apple (bearing script "I" [for Italy]) and heart (bearing "RF" (for France)] lockets; in two lines in exergue, "Hilfe! Balkan! / streit für uns" (Help! Balkans! Fight for us!). Edge: Plain.


    Kienast 164; Klose –; Art of Devastation –. Choice Mint State. Deep gray-olive surfaces, with a dustier green nature around the devices.


    Ex Leigh Park Collection.


    This type alludes to the appeal by the allied forces to the "Balkan" nations of Romania, Greece, and Bulgaria to join the war effort on the side of the former, and features a number of allegories on each side. In the end, Bulgaria declared war on Serbia, thus becoming an ally of Germany, Greece declared herself a "benevolent neutral" party, and Romania eventually entered on the side of the allies.


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