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102286 GREAT BRITAIN. Yorkshire Fine Art & Industrial Expo bronze award Medal

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    102286  |  GREAT BRITAIN. Yorkshire Fine Art & Industrial Exhibition bronze award Medal. Engraved and awarded to C. A. Milward in 1866 (89mm, 321.7 g, 12h). By J. Bell for T. Ottley in Birmingham.


    Civic coat-of-arms of York; around, 17 male and female personifications of aspects such as History, Music, Medicine, and Architecture, with their various attributes; in small medallions to left and right, the heads of William Etty and John Flaxman, the spiritual fathers of all painting and sculpture practiced in York // YORKSHIRE FINE ART AND INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION / YORK 1866, engraved in three lines: "AWARDED TO / C. A. MILWARD / YORK"; all within wreath of white roses, with two coats-of-arms (civic and ecclesiastical) below. Edge: Plain.


    BHM –; Eimer –. Choice Extremely Fine. Dark brown surfaces, some scattered marks, spots, and light rub across the high points. A very rare award medal with incredibly intricate detail and highly meaningful iconography.


    The subsequent history of the exhibition published later in 1866 reveals that this recipient, C. A. Milward, likely received the award for his display of clothing for both men and women. In particular, it is mentioned that "...the whole of those articles are very tastefully arranged, and attract attention as well for their usefulness as ornamental appearance." Later in life, it appears that Mr. Milward served as the Chairman of the Estates & Bridges Committee in York, where his name is on a plaque for Lendall Bridge near Station Road close to Wellington Row, on the left when traveling north. In 1894, the bridge was declared free from toll on the 7th day of August.


    Upload: 1 November 2023.


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