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102307 | GERMANY. Heinrich Claß cast bronze Medal.

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    102307  |  GERMANY. Heinrich Claß cast bronze Medal. Commemorating the pro-German journalist. Issued circa 1935 (78mm. 198.26 g, 12h). By S. Werner in Dresden.


    Bedente daß Du ein Deutscher bist (remember that you are German) / Heinrich Claß, head left // Ritter Tod - und Teufel, knight in medieval armor standing facing, holding reversed sword set on ground; behind, cloaked skeleton (Grim Reaper) holding scythe over shoulder; to lower right, hissing serpent (Devil). Edge: Plain.


    About Uncirculated. Deep brown surfaces, with some lighter hues upon the higher points and a minor deposit in front of Claß's nose and moustache.


    A right-wing nationalist, Claß served as chairman of the Pan-German Association—an organization that spread Germanness abroad and within the colonies. He greatly exaggerated efforts during the first World War and, during the Weimar period, spread Nazi talking points—essentially an interwar German version of Fox News.


    Upload: 20 October 2023.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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