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102324 | GERMANY. Interwar exploitation of Germany bronze Medal.

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    102324  |  GERMANY. Interwar exploitation of Germany bronze Medal. Issued 1932 (40mm, 27.49 g, 12h).


    Devil or demon-like figure, with wings, pointed ears, and the lower body of a satyr, screwing large vise downward onto the back of a German blacksmith, representing the exploitation of Germany / • DEUTSCHLAND • / WANN WIRD DER RETTER KOMMEN DIESEM LANDE? (when will the savior come to this country?), heavily emaciated man facing left, on his hands and knees; massive gear leaning against him to right. Edge: Plain.


    Schweitzer coll. 2125. Mint State. Olive-brown surfaces.


    Between occupation and reparations, Germans spent over a decade developing a sense of frustration and exploitation brought about by the allied forces successful in World War I. Though Germany's punishment was self-inflicted, her resentment over such actions continued to deepen the discontent countrywide. A disgruntled, scared, and economically-fraught land can turn to dark places in search of a savior, as indicated on this medal—"when will the savior come to this country?" As the world would come to find out, rather on cue, Adolf Hitler's star was already on the ascent contemporaneous with the year in which this medal was made, with him becoming Chancellor, and de facto head, of Germany the following year in 1933. In a twist of artistic fate, he, in fact, would be the demon, and seemingly the rest of the world being that tiny figure below the vise.


    Upload: 15 March 2023.


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