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102378 | UNCERTAIN. " in terra pax" cast bronze Medal.

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    102378  |  UNCERTAIN. Skull and dove cast bronze Medal. Issued circa 1980. " in terra pax" (69mm, 176.37 g, 12h). By "R. E."


    Dove, with branch in beak and head turned slightly right, standing left on toppled skull // ...ET / IN TERRA / PAX (...and in the land, there is peace) in three lines; stylized branch below. Edge: 3/5.


    Virtually as Made. Brown-bronze surfaces, with a bit of a rougher nature on the obverse. A mysterious and obviously very rare piece of modern manufacture, with a mintage of just five examples.


    The exact origin and time period of manufacture have not yet been determined for this interesting piece, but it has the feel of something emanating either from England, the Netherlands, or possibly Belgium.


    Upload: 20 October 2023.

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