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102469 | UNITED STATES. Feuchtwanger/CSNS white metal Token.

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    102469  |  UNITED STATES. Feuchtwanger/Central States Numismatic Society white metal Token. Issued 2006 for the convention's 67th anniversary show in Columbus, Ohio (20mm, 4.34 g, 12h). By the Gallery mint.


    Eagle with spread wings standing right upon serpent // CENTRAL STATES NUMISMATIC SOCIETY, CSNS monogram within wreath; in four lines below, COLUMBUS, OH / 67TH / ANNIVERSARY / ~CONVENTION~. Edge: GALLERY MINT «hallmark» GALLERY MINT «hallmark».


    Choice Gem Mint State. Frosted devices, with great mirrored brilliance in the fields. A stunning and essentially flawless companion piece to the Feuchtwanger series.


    Featuring an instantly recognizable design, the Feuchtwanger cents (and similar three cent pieces) were types of private patterns meant to demonstrate a different coining alloy promoted by the Bavarian-born Lewis Feuchtwanger in the late 1830's. Though the composition (a nickel-silver alloy) proved unpopular, the patterns themselves found use given the small change shortage of the era. This particular striking pays homage to Feuchtwanger's "eagle and serpent" design, being struck for the Central States Numismatic Society's 67th anniversary show in 2006 by the Gallery mint.


    Upload: 3 July 2023.

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