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102504 | GERMANY. Captain Nikolaus Graf zu Dohna-Schlodien silver Medal.

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    102504  |  GERMANY. Fregattenkapitän Nikolaus Graf zu Dohna-Schlodien silver Medal. Issued 1917. World War I series (33mm, 18.49 g, 12h). By E. Wrede for L. C. Lauer in Nürnberg.


    KORV.–KAPT. NIKOLAUS BURGGRAF GRAF zu DOHNA–SCHLODIEN, bust right, in naval attire // Viking ship under sail upon the seas facing slightly right; above in foreground, seagull flying right. Edge: SILBER 990.


    Zetzmann 4154 (RR). PCGS SP-63. Highly brilliant and reflective in the fields, with some colorful toning as well. Just one has been graded finer in the PCGS census.


    Following the outbreak of World War I, Dohna-Schlodien commanded a ship that had been converted into a minelayer, the SMS Möwe. Given the success of Dohna-Schlodien and his crew, a movie was made in 1917 in order to celebrate their exploits, with him being appointed as naval adjutant to the kaiser, Wilhelm II.


    Upload: 1 May 2024.


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