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102505 | GERMANY. Staats-Minister Karl Helfferich silver Medal.

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    102505  |  GERMANY. Staats-Minister Karl Helfferich silver Medal. Issued 1916. World War I series (33mm, 17.98 g, 12h). By G. Muth for L. C. Lauer in Nürnberg.


    STAATS–MINISTER HELFFERICH, bust left // DURCH-KAMPF = MIT-GOTT = ZUM-SIEG, owl standing facing upon open book; diagonal sword over wreath of coins in background. Edge: SILBER 990.


    Zetzmann 5025 (R). PCGS SP-64. Wholly argent and essentially blast white, with tremendous prooflike brilliance in the fields. Exceeded in the PCGS census by just a single example: a PCGS SP-66 that we sold over 6 years ago.


    Karl Helfferich served as the German Minister of Finance and Minister of the Interior during WWI, and was noted afterward for his firm opposition to the ensuing Weimar Republic. Dubbed "the father of the Reichsmark," he was killed in a train accident near Bellinzona, Switzerland in April 1924.


    Upload: 1 May 2024.

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