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102514 | FINLAND & SWEDEN. L. M. Ericsson 3-piece bronze and silvered Medal.

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    102514  |  FINLAND & SWEDEN. Lars Magnus Ericsson/Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson three-piece bronze and silvered bronze Medal. Issued 1976 for the firm's 100th anniversary (69mm, 720.5 g, 12h). By K. Räsänen for Sporrong in Norrtälje.


    Top piece, obverse: Two profiles, male and female, overlapping one another and speaking into the other's ear // Top piece, reverse: L M ERICSSON 1876–1976, facing male head, talking on telephone and within oval incuse. /// Middle piece, obverse: The same facing male head, talking on telephone and in relief // Middle piece, reverse: Nude female in a crouched position as if on a bed, holding phone close to her head; all in relief /// Bottom piece, obverse: Two figures seated slightly facing one another, talking on the phone; the male figure seated to left with an abdomen representing a switchboard; the female figure seated to right with an abdomen representing a dial pad // Bottom piece, reverse: Nude female in a crouched position as if on a bed, holding phone close to her head, and within oval incuse; stylized moon above, stylized satellite below. Edge: SPORRONG.


    Hackl & Klose 76. Essentially as Made. The two outer "shells" featuring deep brown surfaces, and the silvered bronze inner piece displaying an argent-gray tone and light antiquing. Highly impressive and interesting, and four times as rare as the Michelangelo medal—a similar three-piece composite medal.


    A piece commissioned by the firm L. M. Ericsson, this medal celebrates telecommunications in Räsänen's ultra-modern fashion. The firm itself was founded in 1876 by Lars Magnus Ericsson, who advanced from his work in the telegraph industry by moving into the growing technology of the telephone. By the late 1870s, the firm was supplying telephoning technology within Sweden and, shortly thereafter, was then exporting its prowess throughout the world, such as Russia ,the UK, Australasia, South Africa, Mexico, and even China. It has continued to be an industry trend-setter, even since this medal was made, capitalizing upon the internet and smart phone eras, with the firm spinning off its mobile phones exploits in a joint venture with Sony, as Sony Ericsson, in 2001.


    Upload: 15 August 2023.

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