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102515 | FRANCE & EGYPT. The Sites of Egypt bronze Medal.

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    102515  |  FRANCE & EGYPT. The Sites of Egypt bronze Medal. Issued 1974 (81mm, 434 g, 12h). By T. Dufresne at the Paris mint.


    Landscape view, including the Rosetta Stone, Great Sphinx of Giza, pyramids, and a ziggurat // Façade of the Temple of Ramesses II at the Abu Simbel rock-cut temples. Edge: «cornucopia» BRONZE.


    Essentially as Made. Olive-bronze surfaces, with incredible relief and a highly intricate nature.


    Thérèse Dufresne (1937-2010) was a Madagascar-born medalist who specialized in large, powerful medals that oftentimes featured a location as the inspiration. As in the case with the medal here, numerous aspects are presented upon each side, with great intricacy and sculpting given to their creation—allowing her works to blend the lines between sculpture and medallic art.


    Upload: 1 August 2023.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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