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102594 | UNITED STATES. "Abundance" Society of Medalists bronze Medal.

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    102594  |  UNITED STATES. "Abundance" bronze Medal. Issued 1934. Society of Medalists series (73mm, 173.16 g, 12h). By A. Laessle.


    AMERICA, male turkey strutting left // ABUNDANCE, ear of corn, with husk coming undone in a uniform fashion. Edge: THE SOCIETY OF MEDALISTS TENTH ISSUE MEDALLIC ART CO. NY.


    Alexander SOM-10.1; Marqusee 234. Mint State. Olive-light brown surfaces, with a charming matte nature. Mintage: 1,021 (reported).


    Laessle, in the brochure that accompanied the medal, said this of his creation: "Wishing to symbolize the abundance of America, I have chosen for my medal two truly American subjects, the turkey and the corn." Despite the country being in the depths of the Great Depression at the time of this madal's issuance, it is hard to overlook the concept of giving thanks and valuing whatever one may have.


    Upload: 15 November 2023.


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