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102628 | SWEDEN. "Vindarnas lek" silver Vide Poche or Medallic Plate.

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    102628  |  SWEDEN. "Vindarnas lek" silver Vide Poche or Medallic Plate. Issued 1945, and awarded as a special prize (130mm, 106.90 g). By C. Milles for Guldsmedsaktiebolaget.


    "The Playfulness of the Winds"—Nude male, holding trident and seizing nude mermaid, riding left on hippocamp; Triton in pursuit to right; opposite above and to left, ichthyocentaur left, being wrestled and pursued by two Tritons; hallmarks: G•A•B, three crowns, S, crowned head, T8, amphora // Plain, with composite wood. As made. Edge: Engraved "P2 HEDERSPRIS SMI SKYTTE 1945."


    As Made. Most attractively toned, with hues of champagne and goldenrod mixed with some burgundy and lilac.


    Known for figurative sculptures and large-scale fountains, Carl Milles was one of Sweden's most prominent artists. In addition to his other media, Milles also designed a number of medals capturing his sculpted, very modern style. In particular, this design appears at least somewhat inspired by his Europa och Tjuren, a multi-sculpture fountain in Halmstad, Sweden, with Europa being snatched away by Zeus in the form of a bull.


    Upload: 15 January 2024.


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