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102665 | SWEDEN. Carolus Linnæus (Carl von Linné) bronze award Medal.

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    102665  |  SWEDEN. Carolus Linnæus (Carl von Linné) bronze award Medal. Issued 1907 as a prize medal for the Swedish Academy [unawarded] (66mm, 134.72 g, 12h). By E. Lindberg.


    CAROLUS • LINNÆUS • NAT • MDCCVII • OB • MDCCLXXVIII around medallion containing bust right; floral branches below and around, with radiant royal Swedish arms to left and doves to right; in four lines in exergue, MEMORIAM • BISÆCULAREM / PIE • CELEBRANS / R • ACAD • SCIENT • SUEC • / MCMVII // E • TENEBRIS • TANTIS • TAM • CLARUM • EXTOLLERE • LUMEN • QUI • PRIMUS • POTUIT, serene wooded scene with Linnæus seated right, in act of contemplation; rising sun in background; below. small plaque left blank for engraving. Edge: Plain.


    Ehrensvärd 67. Choice Mint State. Olive-brown surfaces.


    The father of modern taxonomy, Carl von Linné was a Swedish biologist and physician who formalised binomial nomenclature—essentially the modern system of naming organisms. The Swedish Academy thus commissioned this medal from the hand of Erik Lindberg to be used as a prize medal for the academy.


    Upload: 15 February 2024.


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