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102704 | GREAT BRITAIN. Jesus Christ bronze Medal.

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    102704  |  GREAT BRITAIN. Jesus Christ bronze Medal. Issued circa 1855. Christ as the savior of the world/the consoler (63mm, 142.53 g, 12h). By Allen & Moore (after Ary Scheffer) in Birmingham.


    SALVATOR MUNDI, half-length bust of Christ facing, raising hand in benediction // Christ seated facing among the clouds, consoling the afflicted and downtrodden: to left, kneeling woman right, mourning her dead child, an exile with his walking stick, a castaway with a piece of ship's wreckage, a suicidal act with a dagger, Torquato Tasso (a 16th century poet imprisoned as a madman), and figures representing the three ages of women; to right, the oppressed of both the past and present—a Roman slave, a medieval serf, a Greek independence fighter, and a fettered African slave; with his left hand, Christ releases from shackles a dying man, who personifies Poland with the shattered weapons of the failed 1832 insurrection against Russia by his side; the repentant Mary Magdalene kneels beside Christ to right; CHRISTUS CONSOLATOR on panel in exergue. Edge: Plain.


    BHM –; Eimer –. Choice Mint State. Rich red-brown surfaces, with some alluring brilliance in the fields and tremendous relief within the portrait of Christ.


    This interesting medal not only features a captivating portrait of Jesus Christ, but also a recreation of the recent 1851 French painting by Ary Scheffer, entitled Christus Consolator. In this aspect, Christ's multiple epithets, one as the savior, and one as the consoler, are featured on each side.


    Upload: 15 January 2024.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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