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100016 | FRANCE, Provence. Robert d'Anjou Giglat

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    100016 | FRANCE, Kingdom of Provence. Robert d'Anjou silver Gillat – Carlin. Avignon mint. Struck 1309-1343. (26mm, 3.90 g, 2h).


    + ROBЄRT' DI • GRA • IЄRL • ЄT SICIL' RЄX, Robert seated facing on throne, holding lis-tipped scepter and orb; lions at feet to left and right / + COMЄS • PUIҺCIЄ • ЄT • FORCALQЄRII, cross fleurée, with lis in each angle.


    Duplessy 1646; Poey d'Avant 3982; Boudeau 832; Rolland 51. Good Very Fine. Well centered and struck, and lightly toned. Minor flan crack at the edge.


    Ex Elvira Elisa Clain-Stefanelli Collection.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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