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    100020 | UNITED STATES COLONIAL & GREAT BRITAIN. Admiral Edward Vernon brass Medal. Dated 1739. Commemorating the Capture of Porto Bello in Panama and the Planned Attack on Havana in Cuba. (37mm, 13.01 g, 6h).


    ED : VERNON ESQ : VICE ADMIRAL OF THE BLUE, Vernon standing left, with hand on hip and holding sword; in background, city view of Havana to left, ship sailing to right, canon at feet / HE • TOOK • PORTO • BELLO • WITH • SIX • SHIPS • ONLY, view of the harbor at Portobelo, with six ships; NOV • 22 • 1739 in exergue.


    Betts 314; Adams-Chao HAv 1-B; MI 555/178; Eimer –; Ford Collection 575. Good very fine. Choice for issue.


    Ex Henry Christensen 58 (5 December 1975), lot 123 (auction ticket included).


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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