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100024 | GREAT BRITAIN/INDIA. Medal.

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    100024 | GREAT BRITAIN & INDIA. Bronze Medal. Struck 1820. Commemorating the British Settlement at Bombay in 1602 and the East India Company’s Victory over the French (41mm, 39.85 g, 12h). By J. P. Droz and G. Mills.


    SETTLEMENT OF THE BRITISH AT BOMBAY, Neptune reclining left, holding British flag, resting elbow upon globe, and cradling cornucopia; British lion to left; MDCLXII in exergue / THE FRENCH FLEET REPUL-SED BY THE E. I. COMPYs. XV FEB. MDCCCIV, Neptune seated facing on throne, holding trident and victoriola.


    BHM 567; Julius 1205; Bramsen 2184. Mint State, rich brown surfaces.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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