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100034 | AUSTRIA/GERMANY. Salzburg/Prussia silver Medal.

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    100034 | AUSTRIA/GERMANY. Salzburg/Prussia silver Medal. Dated 1732. The Expulsion of the Salzburg Protestants and their resettlement in Prussia (32mm, 8.73 g, 12h).


    ICH WILL EVCH DAS REICH BESCHEIDEN, LVC. 22-29 (unto thee a kingdom I shall appoint, Luke 22:29), Jesus Christ standing right, blessing emigrants kneeling to right; in background, Noah's Ark surmounted by a rayed crown; in two lines in exergue, SALZB · EMIGR · GED/1732 / DEM IVNGER WIE DEM MEISTER (as does the master, so does the pupil), Christ and St. Andrew standing facing one another, holding cross and saltire cross, respectively.


    Whiting Collection 467; Zöttl 2677; Roll 15. Mint State, most attractively toned, a few light hairlines.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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