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100044 | GERMANY. Silver Medal.

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    100044 | GERMANY. Silver Medal. Struck circa mid-18th century. On Filial Piety (35mm, 11.01 g, 12h).


    GEHORSAM SEIN WIE IESVLEIN / ZIERT GROS VND KLEIN ("be obedent, just as the young Jesus, in matters great and small," –adapted from Luke 2:51), the Holy Family (Joseph, the Virgin Mary, and Jesus) on the move / WANN ISAAC LEIST WAS ABRAM HEIST / GOTT GNAD ERWEIST ("through the father’s belief, and to the son’s relief, God intervened, saving much grief," –adapted from Genesis 22:11-12), Angel intervening to prevent Abraham from killing his son Isaac.


    GPH 1149; Riedner 483. Choice About Uncirculated, lightly toned and lustrous, some scattered hairlines.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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