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    100051 | GREAT BRITAIN & THE NETHERLANDS. Bronze Medal. Struck 1820. Commemorating the English Army in the Netherlands (41mm, 40.18 g, 12h). By Depaulis and Lefevre. Nude male (personification of the Scheldt river) reclining right, holding rudder and resting elbow upon overturned urn from which liquid flows; in background, ship under sail left; in two lines in exergue, THE ENGLISH ARMY / UPON THE SCHELD / Bull (representing George III) standing right; lion-tipped standard inscribed GR in background, buildings in distance.


    Eimer 1066; BHM 867; Bramsen 1607; Julius 3300. Mint State, glossy chocolate brown surfaces.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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