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100055 | GREAT BRITAIN. Bronze Award Medal.

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    100055 | GREAT BRITAIN. Bronze Medal. Struck circa 1830. Award for the Study of Latin at the Birmingham and Edgbaston Schools (57mm, 91.10 g, 12h). By T. Halliday.


    DOCTRINA VIM PROMOVET INSITAM (learning promotes one's natural talent, –adapted from Horace), head of Athena right, wearing earring and crested helmet decorated with horses’ heads, griffin, and palmettes / SCHOL: PROPRIET: BIRMINGHAM: ET EDGBASTON: PRÆSID: L.L.F.C., DIGNISSIMO (of the highest honor) within wreath.


    BHM –; Eimer –; D&W 207/42; CNG inventory 942519. Choice About Uncirculated, a few scattered field marks and spots. includes original box of issue.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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