100102 | RUSSIA/SWEDEN. Peter I 'the Great' bronze Medal.

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    100102 | RUSSIA/SWEDEN. Peter I 'the Great' (Pyotr Velikiy) bronze Medal. Struck mid-late 19th century. Commemorating the Conquest of Kexholm (Priozersk/Приозе́рск) (46mm, 38.66 g, 12h). By T. Ivanov.


    PETRVS ALEXII FIL D G RVSS IMP M DVX MOSCOVIÆ, laureate, armored, and draped bust right / IMPERIO LAETI PARET CARELA GRADIVI, Ares seated facing, with arm draped around canon and pointing toward crown; in background, outline of the fortifications at Kexholm; in two lines in exergue, CAPTA 8 SEPT / ST V.


    Diakov 36.6. Choice About Uncirculated. Warm chocolate brown surfaces, with some underlying luster. A few die flaws typical of the isse. An impressive piece conveying an important battle in the Great Northern War between Russia and Sweden.


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