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100131 | BELGIUM. Bronze Medal.

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    100131 | BELGIUM. Bronze Medal. Dated 1945. Belgium is Grateful to the Liberating Armies (80mm, 190.30 g, 12h). By M. Rau.


    Personifications of the Rivers Scaldis (Scheldt), holding anchor and grain ears, and Mosa (Meuse), holding sledgehammer and wheel, standing facing one another on pedestals decorated with civic coats-of-arms; in background, rising sun between implements of industry and commerce / 1944-45 / GRATEFUL BELGIUM TO / THE LIBERATING ARMIES in three lines; crowned coat-of-arms to left; above, relief map of Belgium with various cities engaged during the war outlined.


    About Uncirculated. Pleasing red-brown surfaces. An exceptionally beautiful and rare Art Deco medal with World War II significance.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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