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100196 | POLAND & LITHUANIA. Joachim Lelewel bronze Medal.

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    100196  |  POLAND & LITHUANIA. Joachim Lelewel bronze Medal. Struck 1861. Commemorating the Life of the Famous Historian, Bibliographer, Polyglot, and Politician (50mm, 49.15 g, 12h). By Wurden.


    JOACHIMUS LELEWEL NATUS VARSOVIÆ AD 1786 ET PARISIIS 29 DIE MAII 1861 MORTUUS, bare head right / Objects of the arts and sciences surrounding coats-of-arms of Poland and Lithuania; rising sun in background; in four lines in exergue, ILLUSTRISS. CIVI ANTIQ. VIRTUTIS, REDEMPT. / PATRIÆ PIÈ ADDICTO, VULCÒ LUMEN REIP. / POLO. VOCATO, INTER ERUDITISSI / QUOQ. ORBIS TERR. PRINCIPI.


    Hutten-Czapski 5393; Wurzbach 4950. Choice Mint State. Rich glossy brown surfaces, with a brilliant underlying luster. Rare, and seldom encountered in this state of preservation and attractiveness.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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