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100199 | PALAU. 2016 silver Dollar.

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    100199 | PALAU. Silver Dollar. Dated 2016. Commemorating the 500th Anniversary of Bavaria's Reinheitsgebot (Beer Purity Law). (31mm, 2.26 g, 12h). Perth mint.


    500 YEARS BAVARIAN PURITY LAW. In colorized portion: two beer mugs clinking; crown above; all set upon Bavarian flag; hop cones and leaves to outer left and right / REPUBLIC OF PALAU, coat-of-arms of Palau.


    Gem Proof. Extremely lustrous surfaces, with a brilliant radiance. Similar to Byzantine scyphate coins, this interesting commemorative, with a mintage of just 2,500 pieces, features a convex planchet when observed from the obverse, and its innovative shape matches that of a bottle cap. Includes original box of issue along with certificate of authenticity in the form of a coaster.

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