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100207 | UNITED STATES. Peace is Life – War is Death silvered bronze Medal.

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    100207  |  UNITED STATES. Peace is Life – War is Death silvered bronze Medal. Issued 1950 (71mm, 219.03 g, 12h). By C. Howard for the Society of Medalists and struck by the Medallic Art Company in New York City.


    PEACE IS LIFE, mother and father cradling infant between them; flower to left, grain ear to right / WAR IS DEATH, skull left among dismal landscape. Edge: SOCIETY OF MEDALISTS 42ND ISSUE 1950–CECIL HOWARD, SCULPTOR // MACO–NY–BRONZE.


    Alexander SOM-42.3 var. (light antiquing). Mint State. A hint of light rub upon the high points, as well as a few scattered marks on the obverse; pleasing matte surfaces. Reported mintage of just 842 pieces.


    Produced just after the outbreak of the Korean War in the summer of 1950, the overall message of this powerful work of medallic art is fairly obvious. In the words of the sculptor himself, "...the theme of this medal is so obvious as to demand very little explanation. I should like to say, however, the 'Life' and 'Death' as here used, are intended to mean not only physical life and death, but the preservation or destruction of civilization and moral values as well. The dilemma of War versus Peace, with which my generation is now faced for the third time, should not be a national, but a human problem, and can only be solved by the human race as a whole." One wonders if we'll ever learn such lessons. Given the ongoing unprovoked Russian aggression in Ukraine, along with the constant saber-rattling in the Middle East and over the issue of Taiwan, it appears that we won’t.


    Upload: 15 March 2023.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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