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100219 | GERMANY, GREAT BRITAIN, CHINA & JAPAN. Satirical bronze Medal.

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    100219 | GERMANY, GREAT BRITAIN, CHINA & JAPAN. Satirical bronze Medal. Dated 1914. World War I series: The Defense of Jiaozhou (Kiauchau/Kiautschou) (33mm, 15.41 g, 12h). Unsigned.


    Crowned eagle (representing Germany) perched in oak tree; to lower left, British officer sending monkey (dressed in Japanese unifrom) up the tree in which three other bodies hang lifeless / DER / ENGLÄNDER / UND SEIN JAPANER / "JETZT KLETTRE DU MAL / AUF DIE DEUTSCHE EICHE / UND VERSUCHE, / OB DU IHM NICHT EINE / FEDER AUS DEM SCHWANZ / REISSEN KANNST!" (The Englishman to his Japanese pet: "climb up this oak and see if you can pluck a feather from the eagle's tail!") in nine lines. Edge: Plain.


    Cf. Zetzmann 4062 (silver). Choice About Uncirculated. Warm reddish-brown surfaces and a light, charming tone. Rare.


    Jiaozhou, an important and strategic naval location, became the focus of German interests at the end of the 19th century, and a 99-year lease was signed with the Qing Dynasty for its use by the German Empire. This lease continued after the fall of the former and during the period of its successor, the Republic of China, until the outbreak of World War I, at which point, the Japanese Empire delivered an ultimatum to Germany, demanding that it relinquish control of the region. This ultimatum was rejected, whereupon Japan began a bombardment of the territory, ultimately resulting in their seizure of Jiaozhou. It was eventually returned to Chinese control in 1922, but was again occupied by the Japanese during World War II.


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