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100266 | UNITED STATES. Columbian Expo/Butter & Cheesemakers bronze Medal.

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    100266 | UNITED STATES. Columbian Expo/Butter and Cheesemakers bronze Award Medal. Struck 1895. Presented by the National Butter and Cheesemakers Association at their Third Annual Meeting (50mm, 52.62 g, 12h). Likely by C. H. Hanson in Chicago.


    COLUMBUS IN SIGHT OF THE NEW WORLD, the Santa Maria sailing left; the Nina and Pinta in background; THE SANTA MARIA in exergue / NATIONAL BUTTER AND CHEESEMAKERS ASSOCIATION / AWARD OF MERIT / ROCKFORD, ILL. / THIRD ANNUAL MEETING. Edge: Slightly engrailed.


    Rulau –. Choice About Uncirculated. Warm chocolate brown surfaces, with a darker tone around the devices and a pleasing underlying luster; a few light spots on the obverse. Exceedingly Rare.


    Though clearly an obverse type associated with a number of Columbian Expo issues, the reverse of this medal has nothing to do with the expo, but rather with the third annual meeting of the National Butter and Cheesemakers Association, which was held in 1895 in Rockford, Illinois. Given the proximity of Rockford to Chicago and that the event occurred just two years after the expo, it seems likely that the Association chose this obverse design given its contemporary and local appeal, along with the fact that it would be something which could easily be utilized by Hanson, the likely producer. Compare to Rulau C50 for the same obverse type, but as a smaller medal (30.7mm) and paired with a reverse type for Jamestown's (NY) Tercentennial and coin dealer Thomas Elder.


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