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100272 | GERMANY. Propaganda bronze Medal.

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    100272 | GERMANY. Propaganda bronze Medal. Dated 1915. World War I series (60mm, 49.63g, 12h). By B. H. Mayer in Pforzheim.


    GOTT MIT UNS, warrior, holding shield and sword, on horse rearing right; 1914/15 in exergue / Crown, orb, and scepter set upon cushion, all set upon crossed swords and laurel and oak brown; in three lines in exergue, ER HILFT DIR DURCH / = DARUM HINDURCH = / DEIN GOTT IST DEINE BURG. Edge: Plain.


    Cf. Zetzmann 2162 (silver, date). Choice About Uncirculated. Warm brown surfaces, a hint of light rub on the highest points. Very rare, with exceptional artistry.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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