100306 | UNITED STATES & SWEDEN. New Sweden Founding bronze Medal.

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    100306 | UNITED STATES & SWEDEN. Bronze Medal. Struck 1938. Commemorating the 300th Anniversary of the Founding of New Sweden along the Delaware River / '17 Individuals' (69mm, 149.80 g, 12h). By U. A. Ricci.


    KALMAR - NYCKEL, ship under sail left upon the waters; TERCENTENARY / DELAWARE in two lines in exergue / State emblem of Delaware; around, wreath the names of 17 individuals on entwined garland: Read, Dickinson, MacDonough, Jones, Shipley, Tatnall, Saulsbury, Ridgely, DuPont, Gray, Bayard, Van Dyke, Layton, Kirkwood, Haslet, McKean, and Rodney. Edge: MEDALLIC ART CO. N.Y. BRONZE.


    Rulau Q5A. Extremely fine. Yellow-bronze surfaces, some scattered marks.


    Established during the Thirty Years' War, the colony of New Sweden along the Delaware River lasted for nearly two decades, and served as a Scandinavian outpost in colonial America. Encompassing what is now modern-day Southeast Pennsylvania, Southwest New Jersey, and Northern Delaware, numerous locales convey this Swedish history, such as Fort Christina, Fort Casimir, and Swedesboro.


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