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100308 | JAPAN & RUSSIA. Mutsuhito (Emperor Meiji) bronze Medal.

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    100308 | JAPAN & RUSSIA. Mutsuhito (Emperor Meiji) bronze Medal. Dated Meiji 37-38 (1904/5). Commemorating the Battle of Tsushima and the Russo-Japanese War (54mm, 77.92 g, 12h).


    Wreath and artillary shell before Japanese Army and Navy flags crossed in saltire; sakura blossoms around / Legend in four lines in Japanese within circular maeander border; Japanese legend around; all within circular border of alternating anchors and stars. Edge: Plain.


    Cf. Smirnov 1343. Gem Mint State. Exceedingly lustrous, with rich brown surfaces and a stunning underlying iridesence; a powerful and rare piece. Includes original box of issue.


    The second time we have had this impressive type, the first being an even rarer version in silver pedigreed to the Virgil M. Brand Collection. Compare to similar examples in Westfälische Auktionsgesellschaft 46 (lot 2908) and 48 (lot 4169), which realized hammers of €1,150 and €750, respectively.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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