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100310 | UNITED STATES. Sunrise and Moonrise bronze Medal.

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    100310 | UNITED STATES. Society of Medalists bronze Medal. Dated 1987. Sunrise and Moonrise (72mm, 255.35 g, 12h). By R. Cronbach.


    Nude female reclining on her back under a bright sun / Nude female sleeping on her side under a crescent moon. Edge: LIMITED EDITION-2500 THE SOCIETY OF MEDALISTS 116TH ISSUE 1987 ROBERT CRONBACH SC / (C) 1987 MEDALLIC ART CO. -DANBURY. CT. -BRONZE.


    Alexander SOM-116.1. As Issued. Brilliant yellow-bronze surfaces, with light antiquing causing two different tones between the 'dayside' and 'nightside.' A powerful and impressive strike. Includes original box of issue, stand, and pamphlet.


    Though featuring an authorized mintage of 2,500 examples, only 750 were actually produced, leaving a fairly scarce output for this ever-popular design.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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