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100312 | BELGIUM. Tournai (Doornik) bronze Medal.

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    100312 | BELGIUM. Tournai (Doornik) bronze Medal. Dated 1846. Architectural series: Tournai Cathedral of Our Lady (Notre-Dame de Tournai) (50mm, 53.47 g, 12h). By J. Wiener.


    Frontal view of the cathedral; ÉGLISE CATHÉDRALE / À TOURNAY in two lines in exergue / Ornate perspective interior view of the gallery. Edge: Plain.


    Van Hoydonck 21. Mint State. Charming mahogany surfaces, with some underlying radiance. Rare.


    Now a UNESCO World Heritge Site (since 2000), the cathedral that would become Our Lady at Tournai was first begun in the early 12th century. Blending styles from her various modifications and additions, she contains elements of Romanesque, Gothic, and French Baroque architecture, with her actual completion not occuring until 1700.


    Compare to a similar example in Coin Galleries (Stack's) August 2009 (lot 6015), which realized a hammer of $550.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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