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100318 | SWITZERLAND. Silver Schützenmedaille (Shooting Medal).

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    100318 | SWITZERLAND. Silver Schützenmedaille (Shooting Medal). Dated 1901. Commemorating the Swiss Federal Shooting Festival in Luzern (Lucerne), from 30 June–11 July (45mm, 35.48 g, 12g). By Hans Frei in Basel.


    Helmeted and armored bust of Helvetia right, wearing wreath of edelweiss; / SCHVETZENFEST EIDGENOESSISCHES • LVZERN, coat-of-arms over Swiss cross and laurel branch. Edge: Plain.


    Richter 879b. Gem Mint State. Frosty matte surfaces, with an argent brilliance and light toning near the peripheries. Mintage: 7,000.


    Lasting from 30 June—11 July 1901, the Swiss-wide shooting festival was held in Luzern. Commemorating the event, this silver medal was among the pieces struck, and is illustrated here on a contemporary postcard, along with a drawing of the shooting hall.


    Postcard for illustration only, not included.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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