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100326 | FRANCE. Napoleon I bronze Medal.

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    100326 | FRANCE. Napoleon I bronze Medal. Dated 1805. The Te Deum Sung for Napoleon at St. Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom) in Vienna (Wien) (40mm, 38.15 g, 12h). By Andrieu & Denon in Paris.


    NAPOLEON EMP ET ROI, laureate head right / ACTIONS DE GRACES POUR LA PAIX, frontal view of the cathedral; ORDONNÉES À VIENNE / PAR L'EMPEREUR NAPOLÉON / LE XXVIII DECEMBRE / MDCCCV in four lines. Edge: Plain.


    Bramsen 461; Julius 1476; d'Essling 1116; Zeitz 64. Gem Mint State. Rich chocolate brown surfaces, with an alluring underlying luster and cartwheel radiance.


    Following Austria's disastrous loss at the Battle of Austerlitz and the ensuing Peace of Pressburg, Napoleon ordered a Te Deum (an early Christian hymn of praise) sung for him at St. Stephen's Cathedral on 28 December 1805.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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