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100328 | FRANCE. Napoleon I bronze Medal.

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    100328  |  FRANCE. Napoleon I bronze Medal. Dated 1809. Napoleon's Stay in Schönbrunn and the English Attack of Antwerp (40mm, 38.77 g, 12h). By Denon, Domard & Depaulis in Paris.


    JUPITER STATOR, facing statue of Jupiter Stator seated on throne, holding scepter and thunderbolt; in two lines in exergue, NAPOLEON SCHOENBRUNN / MDCCCIX / Personification of Antwerp standing right, holding scepter and winged caduceus, and with foot set upon prow decorated with head of hound; in three lines in exergue, ANVERS ATTAQUEE / PAR LES ANGLAIS / MDCCCIX. Edge: Plain.


    Bramsen 870; Julius 2128; d'Essling 1247; Zeitz 102. Gem Mint State. Rich chocolate brown surfaces, with an alluring underlying luster and cartwheel radiance.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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