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100359 | UNITED STATES. George Herman 'Babe' Ruth gilt silver Medal.

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    100359 | UNITED STATES. George Herman 'Babe' Ruth gilt silver Medal. Dated 1974. Commemorating the Former Home Run King (63mm, 143.88 g, 12h). By J. DiLorenzo and the Medallic Art Co.


    Facing bust, wearing Yankees cap; facsimile signature below / TRIBUTE TO THE "BABE" 714 LIFETIME HOMERUNS, follow through of the Babe swinging for the fences; Babe Ruth International logo to right. Edge: 122 MACO 24 KT. G/P ON .999 SILVER.


    Choice Mint State. Pleasing matte surfaces, with some hairlines on the reverse. Includes original box, with stand and pamphlet. Serially numbered 122 of a limited mintage of 714 pieces.


    Baseball's first homerun king, George Herman 'Babe' Ruth was an attraction on the diamond like no other, swinging for the fences in an era when few could even dream of rivaling his power. Earning the nickname 'the Sultan of Swat,' he recorded 714 homers over his storied career, a number which has long since been synonymous with him. In April 1974, however, this fabled number was eclipsed by an equally prolific slugger from the opposite side of the plate, Henry 'Hank' Aaron. In honor of the Babe's lengthy tenure as the homerun king, the Medallic Art Co. struck 714 of these medals in gilt silver–one for each of his dingers.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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