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100370 | SWEDEN. Bonnier Publishing bronze Medal.

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    100370 | SWEDEN. Bonnier Publishing bronze Medal. Dated 1937. The 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Publishing House (59mm, 101.73, 12). By G. Carell. Struck by Sporrong & Co.


    ALBERT BONNIER * 1820 + 1900 • KARL OTTO BONNIER * 1856 / ALBERT BONNIERS FÖRLAG 1837–1937, jugate busts of Albert and Karl Otto left / GERHARD BONNIER * 1778 + 1862 • ADOLF BONNIER * 1806 + 1867 • DAVID FELIX BONNIER * 1822 + 1881, busts of Gerhard, Adolf, and David Felix. Edge: SPORRONG & CO.


    Cf. Münzzentrum Rheinland 185 (18 May 2018), lot 6053. Choice About Uncirculated. Warm yellow-bronze surfaces; great relief on the obverse, interesting incuse design on the reverse; includes original roundelle.


    A Jewish family first based in Denmark, then later in Sweden, the Bonniers established what would become their eponymous media empire in the early 19th century. Gerhard Bonnier, born Gutkind Hirschel to a jeweler and coin dealer, relocated from Germany to Copenhagen where he opened a book store. His son, Albert, moved to Sweden where he established numerous libraries and, relatedly, a publishing house. Successive Bonniers continued this company, Albert Bonniers förlag, which now comprises numerous media acquisitions across 15 countries.


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