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100376 | GERMANY. Otto von Bismarck cast bronze Medal.

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    100376 | GERMANY. Otto von Bismarck cast bronze Medal. Dated 1915. Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Bismarck (110mm, 12h). By P. Sturm at the Grünthal Workshop in Berlin.


    BISMARCK, bare head right within octagonal outline / DEM SCHÖPFER DES DEUTSCHEN REICHES (the creator of the German Empire), half-length figure of the Titan Atlas left, supporting outline of Germany (inscribed DEUTSCHLAND) on his shoulders; wreath of oak leaves around his midsection. Edge: Plain.


    Cf. Gorny & Mosch Stuttgart 1, lot 1008 (which realized a hammer of €375). Choice Mint State. Essentially as issued, with a darker brown nature to its somewhat matte surfaces; a powerful and majestic piece.


    A highly segmented area, the region that now comprises Germany was once broken into numerous fiefdoms under the Holy Roman Empire. As other neighboring lands in Western Europe began to coalesce their power and structure, Bismarck used his diplomacy and political skill to achieve something similar at home, forming the German Empire in 1871. From this time forward, he would be recognized and celebrated for his vital role in German unification and stature within Europe.


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