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100380 | GERMANY. Anton Ludwig August von Mackensen bronze Medal.

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    100380 | GERMANY. Field Marshal Anton Ludwig August von Mackensen bronze Medal. Struck circa 1945. World War I series (40mm, 25.27 g, 12h). By Blichmann.


    FELDMAR– / SCHALL v MACKENSEN - VNSER / MARSCHALL VORWÄRTS, uniformed bust facing slightly left; coat-of-arms to upper right / "Gott vertrauen und der eigenen Kraft," (Trust God and one's own strength), quote and signature of Mackensen; above, skull-and-crossbones set upon wreath of laurel branches; Prussian Guard star below. Edge: B.B.


    Zetzmann –. Gem Mint State. Glossy yellow-brown surfaces, with an underlying luster. Outstanding relief. Extremely rare.


    Ex HJR Collection; Gorny & Mosch 172 (15 October 2008), lot 6755.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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