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100388 | AUSTRIA. Wien (Vienna). Gambrinus gilt bronze Medal.

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    100388 | AUSTRIA. Wien (Vienna). Gambrinus gilt bronze Medal. Dated 1874. Issued for the Brewer and Hop Journal Gambrinus (40mm, 26.77 g, 12h).


    Gambrinus (legendary king of Flanders known for his mythical brewing abilities) standing facing, in regal attire, head right, holding chalice of beer and resting hand upon shield to right, surrounded by hop vines with cones and inscribed BRAUER & HOPFEN-ZEITUNG / Gambrinus / Wien / GEGRÜNDET 1874; Gothic portico in background / EIGENTHÜMER & REDACTEURE S. SPITZ & A. LICHTBLAU (Spitz & Lichtblau, owners and editors), „GAMBRINUS” IM LEBEN WARD ICH GENANNT, / EIN KÖNIG IN FLANDERN UND BRABANT. / AUS GERSTEN HAB’ICH MALZ GEMACHT / UND DAS BIERBRAUEN DARAUS ERDACHT. / DRUM KÖNNEN DIE BRAUER MIT WAHRHEIT SAGEN / DASS SIE EINEN KÖNIGZUM MEISTER HABEN! (Gambrinus was, in life I say, a king of Flanders and Brabant. Made from malted barley, the brewing of beer is thus begun. Go forth and tell the brewers verily that you have a king of masters!) in six lines; garlanded chalice above; all within wreath comprised of barley grains hop vines with cones, and with shield containing mash paddle at base. Edge: Plain.


    Wurzbach 9582. Choice Mint State. Lustrous yellow-bronze surfaces, with an alluring radiance.


    Essentially a 'BeerAdvocate' of its time, the Brauer & Hopfen-Zeitung (Brewer and Hop Journal) Gambrinus was an Austrian publication which focused on the beer industry not just within the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but throughout Europe as well. For its name, the editors chose Gambrinus, the legendary king of Flanders and Brabant who was emblematic with joviality and the art of brewing.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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