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100395 | UNITED STATES & GERMANY. St. Louis World's Fair bronze Plaque.

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    100395 | UNITED STATES & GERMANY. St. Louis World's Fair bronze Plaque. Dated 1904. Engraved and presented to Richard Muther, art historian (75x113 mm, 365.52 g, 12h). By P. Breuer.


    ARTA ARTIS VINCULA (narrow are the shackles of your craft), personification of America seated right, clasping hands with and presenting olive branch to personification of Germany seated left; "RICHARD MUTHER" engraved within rectangular cartouche above / ZUR ERINNERUNG / AN DEUTSCHLANDS / BETEILIGUNG AN / DER WELTAUSSTEL / LUNG IN ST. LOUIS / MCMIV (in commemoration of the German participation in the World's Fair in St. Louis) in six lines between pillars; in vignette above, World's Fair scene showing the German Pavilion and Cascade Gardens. Edge: Plain, with a few light marks.


    Heidemann 1017. About Uncirculated. Attractive yellow-bronze surfaces, with exceptionally high relief; some scattered spots and deposits. Very rare. Compare to a similar piece awarded to a different individual (S. M. Felton) in Heritage 1100 (17 September 2008), lot 28283 (which realized a total of $1840 [after buyer's fee]).


    Billed as the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, as it commemorated the 100th anniversary of the massive land transaction between the United States and France, the fair covered an enormous area, taking visitors nearly a week to explore its offerings. 60 countries participated, one of which was the German Empire, which issued a series of plaques to be awarded to her citizens presenting or exhibiting at the fair. Among these Germans was Richard Muther, a professor of Art History at the University of Breslau (Wrocław) and author of numerous volumes on the subject as well as books on famous artists; two of these artists, Rembrandt and Francisco Goya, were covered by Muther in publications from the same year as this award (1904).


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