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100419 | UNITED STATES & SPAIN. Christopher Columbus bronze Medal.

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    100419 | UNITED STATES & SPAIN. Christopher Columbus bronze Medal. Issued 1892. The 400th Anniversary of the Discovery of the New World/Quartercentenary (70mm, 179.65 g, 12h). By B. Maura y Montaner in Madrid.


    "Cristobal Colón descubrió el Nuevo Mundo el doce de Octubre de mil cuatrocientos noventa y dos, reinando en Castilla y Aragon Doña Isabel y Don Fernando," Columbus standing left in Santa Maria, head right, pointing out the sight of land; crew mates to right; in background, Nina and Pinta upon the sea / Columbus preparing to kneel right before Ferdinand and Isabella at their double throne; in background to left, Native Americans bearing gifts; "Cuarto centenario" in exergue. Edge: Plain, though a few light marks and a very minor rim nick are mentioned merely for completeness.


    Eglit 111; Rulau B2. Choice Mint State. Glossy chocolate brown surfaces, with a great deal of underlying luster. Very rare and attractive.


    In order to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Columbian discovery of the New World, the Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando established a competition for a work of medallic art. Bartolome Maura y Montaner produced one of the finest designs within the Quartercentenary series, Spanish or otherwise, though his initial work was not selected due an anachronism. The kneeling crew mate on the obverse of the above design had originally been a friar praying on both elbows and knees. As the historical record pointed to no ecclesiastic members aboard the voyages of Columbus, Maura y Montaner yielded and replaced the individual, leaving the remainder of the obverse and reverse virtually unchanged.


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