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100420 | AUSTRIA-HUNGARY & GERMANY. Archduke Friedrich silver Medal.

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    100420 | AUSTRIA-HUNGARY & GERMANY. Archduke Friedrich von Österreich-Teschen silver Medal. Dated 1916. World War I series: The German and Austro-Hungarian Alliance (33mm, 18.62 g, 12h). By F. König & L. C. Lauer in Nürnberg.


    K u K FELDMARSCHALL ERZHERZOG FRIEDRICH v OESTERREICH, uniformed bust left / IM VEREINTEN WIRKIN ALLER / LIEGT DIE KRAFT, small crowned coat-of-arms between two larger crowned coats-of-arms with griffin and angel as supporters; implements and wreath in exergue. Edge: SILBER 990.


    Zetzmann 3057. Choice Proof. Highly lustrous surfaces and mirrored fields, with some light frosting to the devices and an alluring golden tone highlights the peripheries; a few light hairlines are noted for completeness.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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