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100428 | GREAT BRITAIN. Victoria with Prince Albert Edward bronze Medal.

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    100428 | GREAT BRITAIN. Victoria with Prince Albert Edward bronze Medal. Issued 1872. City of London Series: The Prince of Wales and the National Thanksgiving (76mm, 243.04 g, 12h). By J. S. & A. B. Wyon in London.


    Londinia standing facing before St. Paul’s Cathedral, head left, raising hand and holding torch; to left, Albert Edward and Victoria standing right; to right, Britannia standing left, resting hand upon Union shield set on ground; in four lines in exergue, I WAS GLAD WHEN THEY SAID / UNTO ME LET US GO INTO / THE HOUSE OF THE / LORD / Highly ornate interior view, with royal procession and congregation; end panels decorated and inscribed FOR THE RECOVERY OF / H.R. H. THE PRINCE OF WALES; to left, royal coat-of-arms with banners inscribed NATIONAL THANKSGIVING over roses; to right, civic coat-of-arms with banners inscribed ST PAUL’S LONDON over laurel branches. Edge: Plain, though numerous scratches at the base are noted for completeness. BHM 2928; Eimer 1618; Welch 12. Choice Mint State. Warm chocolate brown surfaces, with a hint of underlying luster; tremendous detail and artistry; see note about edge. From a mintage of just 400 pieces.


    Albert Edward, then the Prince of Wales and later king Edward VII, fell ill with typhoid in October 1871. So grave was his condition that doctors warned Victoria that he could be lost at any moment. Miraculously, the fever eventually broke on 14 December, the anniversary of the death of his father. Though extremely weakened, his first request was for a Bass pale ale. Upon regaining some of his strength and his return to London, the royal family held a reception in his honor at St. Paul's Cathedral, where some 13,000 people attended in order to celebrate and pay their respects.


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