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100500 | GERMANY. Generalfeldmarschall August von Mackensen silver Medal.

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    101500  |  GERMANY. Generalfeldmarschall Anton Ludwig August von Mackensen silver Medal. Issued 1915 (34mm, 17.48 g, 12h). By F. Eue and H. Grünthal in Berlin.


    GENERALFELDMARSCHALL von MACKENSEN, uniformed bust facing slightly right / Soldier advancing right, holding banner and sword, and leading other soldiers into combat. Edge: SILBER 800.


    Zetzmann 4101. Choice Mint State. Exceptionally prooflike and brilliant, with great frosting to the devices and an alluring cameo nature; some light hairlines are noted in the fields.


    Nicknamed "the Last Hussar," Anton Ludwig August von Mackensen was born in 1849 in the Kingdom of Prussia and would go on to have a successful military career during his 95 years, seeing him serve not just the Kingdom of Prussia, but also the North German Confederation, the German Empire, the Weimar Republic, and the Third Reich. Dying just a few months after the close of WWII in Europe, he would even see the post-war allied occupation of Germany. During his military career, some of his most important roles came during WWI, with much of his focus being in the east with campaigns in Serbia, Romania, and the Eastern Front. His nickname emanated from his part in the Hussar Brigade (Leib-Husaren-Brigade), an elite Prussian regiment originally founded by Friedrich the Great as the Death's Head Hussars (Totenkopfhusaren). This regiment was known for their black uniforms and rather imposing 'skull and crossbones'-adorned busby. Throughout his life, even long after the dissolution of the German Empire, von Mackenen would continue wearing his uniform, standing in stark contrast to the Nazi uniforms of the Third Reich.


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