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100505 | BELGIUM. National Railway Company bronze Medal.

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    100505  |  BELGIUM. Bronze Medal. Issued 1951. The 25th anniversary of the founding of the NMBS/SNCB (National Railway Company of Belgium) (69mm, 172.83 g, 12h). By M. Rau.


    Heads of Hermes/Mercury, wearing winged petasos, and Demeter/Ceres, wearing grain wreath, left; wheel with thunderbolt below / Outline of Belgium, with map of the rail routes; company logo below. Edge: FISCH.


    Choice Mint State. Pleasing bronze surfaces; an attractive Art Deco design.


    Known in Dutch as the Nationale Maatschappij der Belgische Spoorwegen (NMBS) and in French as the Nationale Gesellschaft der Belgischen Eisenbahnen (SNCB), the National Railway Company of Belgium was formed in 1926 as a successor to the Belgian State Railways. The logo of the company was designed 10 years later by Henry van de Velde, and consists solely of the linguistically neutral letter B (indicative of the country) within a horizontal oval, as can be seen on the reverse of this medal.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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