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100523 | UNITED STATES. She Slave bronze Medal.

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    100523 | UNITED STATES. Brookgreen Gardens bronze Medal. She Slave. Issued 2004 (75mm, 177.80 g, 12h). By H. Langland and struck by Medallic Art Co.


    Bust of female slave facing slightly left; rice fields in background / BROOKGREEN GARDENS / SOUTH CAROLINA, the same female slave seen at a distance working in the rice fields; cow with plowman in background. Edge: © 2004 MEDALLIC ART CO. DAYTON NV.–BRONZE.


    Medal #32. As Issued. Even bronze surfaces, with a slightly matte nature; a few minor spots on the obverse are noted.


    Opening to the public in 1937, Brookgreen Gardens is a tranquil South Carolina locale combining both nature and sculpture into a unique environment. The husband and wife duo of the Huntingtons–philanthropist Archer Milton and medallist-sculptor Anna Hyatt–purchased the tracts of land which would become the gardens in 1931. It is only fitting that a series of medals, each by a different artist, would eventually be offered by the institution. The initial piece was produced in 1945, and a gap of nearly 30 years occurred before the series would become annual in 1973. Owing to their yearly offering, use of new artists, and size, it is easy to see how they can be treated as an analog to the Society of Medalists (until the dissolution of the Society in 1995), and now, a successor to the Society.


    Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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